Walking on Fire


Firewalk Instruction for Personal Empowerment!

Firewalking has been used for thousands of years as a way to generate energy to take action in the outer world as well as to energise inner tranformation. Whilst most firewalking these days is taught in a corporate way. I teach it, as part of Ignite Your Life:  http://www.igniteyourlife.co.uk/  in a way that respects the sacredness of the practice.

All the participants build and light the fire together and the process is offered as a sacred experience rather than something to be conquered. The firewalk experience has a mandatory requirement to attend a workshop before walking.

Firewalking is a great way to get funding for LGBTQ+ organisations via sponsorship of participants. It can also be used for team building events.

Previous Firewalking events facilitated by Ignite Your Life include :

  • Urban Tantra Professional Training Program Reunion – June 2015 (Devon, UK)

  • Shakti Tantra Bliss April 2016 (Cornwall, UK)

  • Queer Spirit Festival in August 2016 (Wiltshire, UK)

If you are interested in holding a firewalk then please do get in touch via email: mazzylow@gmail.com so that your specific needs can be discussed.

Please note: in order to maintain professional boundaries, I do not offer firewalk event facilitation to the same people that I work with in counselling sessions and vice versa.