Breathwork for Erotic Wellbeing…

logoThe Breath & Energy Orgasm (aka Firebreath)

The Firebreath Orgasm is a type of breathing that raises erotic energy. Because it is a way to raise erotic energy without any need for touch of any kind, it is potentially great for people who want to connect with their eroticism but who do not experience direct genital touch as erotic. This experience is done fully clothed and with no touch from me.

In the session, I will give you all the information that you need in order to have a Breath & Energy orgasm and I will then lead you through this process. You might want a one off session or, since this is a practice that gets easier the more you do it, you might want to book a further session when you have had a chance to practice on your own!

I learned this amazing breathwork technique as part of the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program that I undertook with sex educator, Barbara Carrellas:

Please note: In order to maintain professional boundaries, I do not offer breathwork practices to the same people that I work with in counselling sessions and vice versa.